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Tips to Reduce Your Risk of Diabetes

Diabetes can be a very serious disease. You have the power; however, to reduce your risk of developing diabetes. Many of the lifestyle choices you make every day have a tremendous amount to do with your susceptibility of being diagnosed with diabetes. Tthis article will provide you with some helpful tips on lessening your risk. Engaging in regular physical activity offers numerous benefits to your health, such as lowered blood pressure and improved circulation and flexibility. Regular exercise also significantly reduces your risk of developing diabetes. If […]

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Tips for Eating Healthy with Diabetes

The most important thing about diabetes is changing your eating habits. A good diet is your best tool to fight the disease. The content, portion size and timing of meals become more and more important. The tips in this article are going to help you eat and manage your diabetes well. For starters, watch your sugar intake. This can be tough, because sugar hides where you least expect it. For instance, fruit juice often has high fructose corn syrup inside it. Alcohol is recognized by the body […]

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